A Professional Approach to Earning Referrals

Speakers: Dan Allison, Brokers Clearing House, LTD.

Year: 2021

Have you ever wondered why your clients and professional partners don’t give you as many referrals as they could? Have you ever felt uncomfortable asking for referrals? Have you ever felt like all the referral approaches you see feel like canned sales techniques? If so, this training session is for you. Pinney Insurance Center will be flying one of the country’s foremost authorities on referrals to Sacramento for a half day workshop. And, we are inviting YOU and covering the fee for the session! After selling his first company for millions at the age of 27, Dan Allison began conducting focus groups and interviews with the affluent. Through years of interviews, Dan has taken the feedback from top clients and developed this powerful workshop entitled “A Professional Approach to Earning Referrals.” In this session, you will learn: 1. Why affluent clients and professional partners don’t refer advisors as frequently as they could 2. The 5 things that have to be in place to receive referrals without bothering your clients 3. A simple, seven step process that you can implement tomorrow to begin putting the five things in place and earning more referrals. As a result of this workshop, advisors all over the country are able to: Immediately increase referrals ? Create effective prospecting campaigns Effectively engage any niche market ? Improve client retention Gain face time with quality prospects ? Turn prospects into advocates

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