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Advanced: It's One Year After Tax Reform, Now What...5 ½ Ideas to Share with Your Clients

Change, the Tax Law and the Little Things that Make Forum Members Successful

Estate and Gift Tax Legislative Update

Estate Planning in a New World: It's Not Just about the Tax, It Is about Liquidity

It's One Year After Tax Reform, Now What? 3 1/2 Legacy Planning Ideas to Share with Your Clients

Life Insurance Policy Valuation: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (PDF PPT ONLY)

Lunch Session: Marketing Opportunities Under the Tax Act

Out of the Estate but Not Out of Reach – Flexible Trust Funding Techniques Providing Indirect Future Access

Planning Beyond the Basics When Working with Large Real Estate Clients

State-of-the-Art Life Insurance Planning for UHNW Clients

Strategies Used to Support Life Insurance to Pay Estate Tax Liabilities (PDF PPT ONLY)

Tax and Budget Policy in the New Congress (PDF PPT ONLY)

The Role of Life Insurance in Large Liquid Estates (PDF PPT ONLY)

Using Life Insurance to Stabilize a Portfolio

You Met Mr. and Ms. Big, What Happens Next

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