Whole Life - Unlocking Higher Income Withdrawal Rates on Other Assets

Speakers: Dean E Harder

Year: 2019

Retirement income planning is top of mind for the masses – save more money, take more risk, work longer, or some combination of all three. What if these “desperate attempts” to close their retirement income gap still fall woefully short of the mark? This session will cut to the chase and show you how owning whole life insurance is the key to unlocking higher income rates from your clients other retirement savings. This conversation is for all, including your financially challenged, marginally affluent and affluent clients – especially high-income earners with no business to sell. Session takeaways:• Start a conversation with a pre-retiree that is 5-10 years or even 10-30 years from retirement • Give your clients’ the option to enjoy 6-10% guaranteed lifetime retirement income rates, by simply redirecting some of your client’s pre-retirement cash flow to a whole life Insurance contract • Learn how a $10mm pile of money can act like a $20mm pile of money for a retiree’s income

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