Seeking Wealth Preservation Through Planning with Private Placement

Speakers: Ann Marie Liotta, CPA

Year: 2019

The primary goal of this presentation is to educate the participants on what private placement products are (and are not), their benefits and considerations, and the appropriateness of these strategies depending on the client’s profile and goals. Private Placement products have the potential to convert highly inefficient taxable assets into favorable tax-efficient investments. The objective of this presentation is to explain what these products are, how they work, demystify their make-up, and provide the advisers the tools they need to start the dialog for this tax efficient solution. The presentation also covers two structuring solutions to take back to their clients.Session takeaways:•Attendees will receive an understanding of a private placement solution as well as equip them with unique structuring ideas to take back to their clients. •Attendees will be provided with real life examples that display the power of compounding of the tax savings, which has a potential to generate long term results that can be significantly more powerful than the taxable equivalent. Attendees will leave with the knowledge of these opportunities and will potentially assist members in expanding their client portfolios.•Asset allocation is a topic that clients and advisors readily understand. However, most of these asset choices generate ordinary income and result in a tax liability. Just as important as “asset allocation” is the subject of “asset location” and some locations are more tax efficient than others. The session will enable attendees with the tools to reach out to their clients advisors (CPAs and T&E Attorneys) with recommendations that have the potential to reduce their client’s tax burden. •Understanding the marriage of trusts, financing and insurance for estate, income and gift tax efficiency. •Attendees will explore the benefits of a private placement solution as a potential means to maximize income tax deferral of the growth of assets. Due to the unique rules regarding trust-owned annuities, attendees will learn about the planning opportunity that exists for their clients to potentially maximize and prolong tax deferral on trust assets for multiple generations. •Attendees will understand the utilization of annuities with charitably inclined clients. When you can connect tax efficiency to charitable legacy gifts without giving up ownership or control, you may enhance the benefit for individuals and charities.

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