How the Upcoming Election May Change the Tax Landscape and What It Means For Your High-Net-Worth Clients

Speakers: Michael Amoia

Year: 2020

Between the pandemic and the upcoming election, the news out of Washington is coming fast and furious. But when it comes to serving your high-net-worth clients, what do you need to be paying attention to? It is important to factor temporary tax rules into long-range planning with clients, as the same action may have significantly different tax consequences depending on minor differences in timing. Many of the sweeping tax changes that were passed in December 2017 are scheduled to expire after December 31, 2025, or earlier in some cases. There have been a number of other tax law changes since then; some of them also temporary. A change in administration could close these windows even sooner. During this webinar, we’ll go over the key provisions from these changes out of Washington, letting you know what opportunities to look for and explain how life insurance can play an important role in meeting your clients’ needs. Now is the time to work on planning for your high-net-worth clients.

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