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2020 Fast and Furious: Dave Alison (1st Place)

2020 Fast and Furious: Jason Giorgio (3rd place)

2020 Fast and Furious: Vijay Khetarpal (2nd place)

2020 Fast and Furious: What's Your Sales Idea?

2021 Fast and Furious: Brian Sak (3rd Place)

2021 Fast and Furious: Ed Thauer (2nd Place)

2021 Fast and Furious: Vijay Khetarpal (1st Place)

A Professional Approach to Earning Referrals

Accountantneze: A Marketing Method For Those Who Are Terrible Prospectors

Best Ideas from the 2013 Study Group and Fast & Furious - Todd Healy, CLU, ChFC, AEP, HealyPartners; Howard Sharfman, Schwartz Benefit Services; Alan C. Kifer, L.I.F.E. Services, LLC; Michael Amoia, JD, LLM (Tax), CFP, CLU, ChFC, Crump Life Insurance

Best Ideas from the 2014 Study Group and Fast and Furious Session

Best of the Best from Forum MAX: How Do You Do That?

Bo Eason Deep Dive: Stepping Into the Power of Your Story

Bon Voyage - The Nine Secrets of the Ultra Happy (PDF PPT ONLY)

Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business (PDF PPT ONLY)

Deep Dive: Amplifying Your Brand in this Force Fed World of Collaboration and Commoditization

Deep Dive: Referrals Without Asking

Don't Get Left Behind: Sales & Marketing in a Virtual Environment

End Prospecting Forever: A Step by Step Guide in the Art and Science of Marketing to CPAs and Tax Attorneys

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