Building Your Business 10x

Speakers: Dean Harder, The OYRI Group; Norm Trainor, The Covenant Group; Dr. Keita Demming, The Covenant Group

Year: 2021

10x growth? Really? Perhaps you have attended workshops, seminars, or even multi-day conferences focused on helping you grow your business 10x. You may have built your business 10x once before, if so, why not again? Or you may be someone who has desired to build your business 10x but has fallen short. Norm Trainor has coached over 35,000 agents and advisors throughout the world for over 40 years, including Dean Harder, Vince D’Addona and several other members of the Forum 400. Norm and Dean will distinguish the differences between a coach focused on coaching your Craft, as compared to a coach focused on Building your Business

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