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A Second Look - Estate Planning Using Trust Protectors (PDF PPT ONLY)

Advanced: It's One Year After Tax Reform, Now What...5 ½ Ideas to Share with Your Clients

Affordable Marketing Concepts for Middle America to the Millionaire Next Door

Back to the Future - Using Techniques from the Past (PDF PPT ONLY)

Back-Loaded CLATs: A Shark’s Fin or A Fabulous Gift?

Best Forum Study Group Ideas (PDF PPT ONLY)

Best Ideas from 2012 Study Groups

Bullet Proofing LLCs and FLPs (PDF PPT ONLY)

Burning Questions (and Even Hotter Answers) About Grantor Trusts (PDF PPT ONLY)

Change, the Tax Law and the Little Things that Make Forum Members Successful

Create Clients for Life

Deep Dive: Intergenerational Split-Dollar; The Morrissette Case – a Taxpayer Victory (PDF PPT ONLY)

Do You Know What You Don't Know About Premium Finance?

Don't Miss the Boat: International Clients are Buying a Lot of US Life Insurance

Estate and Gift Tax Legislative Update

Estate Planning in a New World: It's Not Just about the Tax, It Is about Liquidity

Family Matters: Strategies to Preserve the Legacy

Gifting in Uncertain Times

Intergenerational Split-Dollar; The Morrissette Case – a Taxpayer Victory

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