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How to Turbo Charge an In-Force Policy and Sell New Insurance at the Same Time

2021 Fast and Furious: Brian Sak (3rd Place)

2021 Fast and Furious: Ed Thauer (2nd Place)

2021 Fast and Furious: Vijay Khetarpal (1st Place)

2021 Fast and Furious: What's Your Sales Idea?

A Professional Approach to Earning Referrals

Affordable Marketing Concepts for Middle America to the Millionaire Next Door

AG 49-A & The Future of Indexed Crediting PPT

Building Your Business 10x

Don't Get Left Behind: Sales & Marketing in a Virtual Environment

Evaluating IUL for the AUM Advisor

Forum MAX Best of the Best: Utilizing Technology to Drive Sales

From Planning Paralysis to Taking Action

Generate More Executive Bonus Opportunities with Lincoln Rewards Plus

How to Lower Your Tax Bracket in Retirement

New Normal

Now What? It is 2021, and Last Year Was A Hell of a Year

Post-Election Planning: What Producers Should Be Recommending To Their Upscale and Business Owner

The Family Meeting

The Special Purpose Insurance LLC - What the Sophisticated Advisor Needs To Know

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