Accumulation Planning with Life Insurance

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How to Turbo Charge an In-Force Policy and Sell New Insurance at the Same Time

A Balancing Act for Your Clients:  Planning for Longevity, Flexibility, and Taxes with Qualified Plans

America is at a Tipping Point… Get Your Clients off the Titanic and into the Lifeboats…

Beyond the Pale: Too Hot to Handle Sales Ideas

Changing the Dialogue - A Different Way to Talk with Clients and Advisors about Planning

Control Your Taxes, Maximize Your Wealth

Countering the Effects of Market Volatility on College Planning

De-Risking Retirement Using Permanent Life Insurance

Expanding What's Possible by Financing a LIRP

Finding Dollars to Purchase Life Insurance in a Difficult Case: Generating Income Tax Deductions

Hedging Market Volatility in Retirement Planning

How to Use Quantitative Analysis to Motivate Clients to Use Life Insurance (PDF PPT ONLY)

Improving (Risk – Adjusted) Returns in a Portfolio Using Life Insurance

Manage Markets, Not Stock. Replacing Your Renewals with Growing Trails (PDF PPT ONLY)

NED Talk: Challenging The Wisdom of Convention: An Overview of How the Financial Services Industry Gets it Wrong

NED Talk: The Tax Management Journey

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Life Insurance Sales Ideas

Planning Strategies for the Middle Class and Middle Class Millionaires

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Opportunities for Qualified Money

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