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A Case for Variable Life Revisited

A Fresh New Look At The Investment Merits Of Life Insurance...Back To The Future

Beyond Ratings: Looking at Financial Strength (PDF PPT ONLY)

Buyer and Seller Beware: Is IUL our Future or our Future Liability?

COI Education Panel

Growing Your Business through the Underserved COLI Market

How the Changing Economic Environment Impacts Your Business

How to Help Save Your Client from an Unexpected Tax Burden - 1035’s and Mirrored Loans

How to Use Leading-edge Case Design and Sales Strategies to Build a Business and Impress Clients and Advisors (PDF PPT ONLY)

How Well Do You Know Insurance Products? (PDF PPT ONLY)

Is there Life (Insurance) After Secondary Guarantees?

Life Insurance 10X

Life Insurance as an Asset Class (PDF PPT ONLY)

Life Insurance Product in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Life Insurance Products - "Tips," "Tricks" & "Quirks" (PDF PPT ONLY)

Looking Under a Rock

Managing Mature Policies – Have You Considered All 6 Options?

Navigating Non-Guaranteed Products

New Products for a New Generation (PDF PPT ONLY)

Not the Same Old Life Story

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