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Non-Qualified Benefits Panel on Basic Legal and Government Requirements and Plan Designs (PDF PPT ONLY)

Non-Qualified Defined Benefit Plans – The Comeback Begins

Not the Same Old Life Story

Not Your Average Business Succession Plan: What I Have Learned from Working with a Family for Three Years on Their Buy-Sell Planning

Now What? It is 2021, and Last Year Was A Hell of a Year

Opening Keynote: Living a Life of Significance

Out of the Estate but Not Out of Reach – Flexible Trust Funding Techniques Providing Indirect Future Access

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Life Insurance Sales Ideas

Panel Discussion: Life Settlements Make a Comeback!

Parent and Grandparent Life Insurance Gifting: Unique Uses of this Tax-Advantaged Property

Per Stirpes or Per Capita

Philanthropic Planning: Where Do We Go From Here?

Plan Designs for Today and Tomorrow

Planning Beyond the Basics When Working with Large Real Estate Clients

Planning for Today's Family

Planning Strategies for the Middle Class and Middle Class Millionaires

Planning Techniques Using Captives, From a Life Insurance Agent's Perspective (PDF PPT ONLY)

Planning Under the Secure Act

Post-Election Planning: What Producers Should Be Recommending To Their Upscale and Business Owner

Powerful New Dyanmic Annuity Strategies You Want to Know (PDF PPT ONLY)

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