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The Biggest Case I Ever Lost & What I Learned (PDF PPT ONLY)

The Continuing Evolution of Indexed UL Products

The Conversation BEFORE the Conversation

The Family Meeting

The Future (of Life Insurance) Ain’t What it Used to Be - Q&A

The Future of Life and Annuity Contracts in Retirement Planning After DOL Rule Effective Date

The Generational Retirement Income Protection (GRIP) Plan

The Impact of Low Interest Rates on the US Life Companies and Their Products

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success (PDF PPT ONLY)

The Looming Crisis of Long Term Care: What Every Advisor Needs to Know

The Next Generation of Indexed Life Products - New Opportunities (PDF PPT ONLY)

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (PDF PPT ONLY)

The Power of First Impressions: Win More by Design

The Power of Insurance in the Retirement Discussion

The Presentation TrapTM: The Number One Roadblock Keeping You From Growing Your Life Insurance Advisory Business Faster and with Less Effort

The Psychology of the $100M Life Settlement

The Resurgence of Whole Life Insurance

The Return of the Economist

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