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How the Changing Economic Environment Impacts Your Business

How the Upcoming Election May Change the Tax Landscape and What It Means For Your High-Net-Worth Clients

How to Differentiate Yourself from all of Your Competition

How to EFFECTIVELY Use Captive Insurance Companies in Your Practice

How to Get Paid for Managing Life Insurance Policies like a Stock or a Bond

How to Help Save Your Client from an Unexpected Tax Burden - 1035’s and Mirrored Loans

How to Improve Your Sales Through Powerful Customer Meetings (PDF PPT ONLY)

How to Lower Your Tax Bracket in Retirement

How to Motivate a Client to Take Action. Hint, It's Not an Illustration

How to Multiply Yourself as Rainmaker of Your Financial Services Practice

How to Use Leading-edge Case Design and Sales Strategies to Build a Business and Impress Clients and Advisors (PDF PPT ONLY)

How to Use Quantitative Analysis to Motivate Clients to Use Life Insurance (PDF PPT ONLY)

How Well Do You Know Insurance Products? (PDF PPT ONLY)

Improving (Risk – Adjusted) Returns in a Portfolio Using Life Insurance

Increase Deductions, Income and Healthcare Expense Coverage with 401(h), While Reducing Risk with Life Insurance

Individual Life & LTD Products on a Multi-Life Platform

Industry Partner Fast and Furious

Industry Partner Fast and Furious…Show Me the Money

Infiltrate. Escalate. Automate. Top Strategies for Growing a Successful Advisory Firm

Influence and Collaboration: The Keys To Success

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