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Practice Management: How do you Run Your Office?

Premium Financing Index Universal Life

Premium Financing, the Whole Story so you can Sell It

Private Placement Life Insurance – THE Tax Efficient Investment Solution

Putting Business Owner Exit Planning in your Practice (PDF PPT ONLY)

Reaching for the Stars – How to Close the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Client

Reinsurance Impacts on Direct Carriers & Reinsurance Trends

Reinventing Yourself (PDF PPT ONLY)

Rescued or Captured Private Equity and Life Insurance

Rethinking Value in Life Insurance

Rethinking Your Sales Process...For The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Rudimentary Analytics: Things That Always Worked When I Did

Saturday Super Session: Business Succession Planning for Clients

Section 79 - Better Than Ever (PDF PPT ONLY)

Seeking Wealth Preservation Through Planning with Private Placement

Small Message, Big Impact — How to Put the Power of the Elevator Speech Effect to Work for You (PDF PPT ONLY)

Social Media Marketing: Strengthening Client and Developing Relationships through the Internet

Speaking Made Simple: How to Open and Close Your Message to Create Connection and Maximum Impact

Split Dollar Is the Key to Unlocking Big Cases

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