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Insider Information About Long Term Care Insurance; What You Need to Know to Advise Your Clients

Intergenerational Split-Dollar; The Morrissette Case – a Taxpayer Victory

IRC 199A Final Regulation: Highlights, Challenges, and Complexity

Is there Life (Insurance) After Secondary Guarantees?

It's 2011: What Happens Now? (PDF PPT ONLY)

It's All About the Why

It's One Year After Tax Reform, Now What? 3 1/2 Legacy Planning Ideas to Share with Your Clients

Know Your Story®

Leaders & Legends

Leaders & Legends

Leaders and Legends (PDF PPT ONLY)

Leadership Communication: Develop, Deliver, Connect

Leadership Lessons From a Retired Navy SEAL (PDF PPT ONLY)

Learn an Easy-to-Implement Advice Delivery System That Creates Urgency, Avoids Client Procrastination and Differentiates Your Firm

Learn the Language, Perfect the Product

Leveraging PR for Business Growth

Leveraging Social Media - How to Use Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook (PDF PPT ONLY)

Leveraging Software & the Internet to Improve Prospecting for A+ "Clientele" (PDF PPT ONLY)

Levy-isms for Success (PDF PPT ONLY)

LIFE Foundation Update

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